4:15am is a pretty good time to be sleeping. If you’re not, then it’s probably not a great time to be trawling through your old web presences.

Presence might be too strong of a word for some of them – somehow, I can still log into Blogger, which tells me I’ve got four active blogs.

Again, active may be too strong of a word.

One of them was the news blog for a company I used to work for. Over the past three years they’ve taken the site in a different, more placeholder-image oriented direction. Another was intended to build into a cocktail recipe database over time, though it would probably need more than fifteen recipes.

That leaves two – Dirty Old Town and mixtape which were mainly used as memorydumps. These days, of course, we’ve got Twitter and delicious for that, leaving ednbrg focused on something.

Also worth noting that almost all of the links on Mixtape are dead or have been repurposed in the intervening years.